AK47 Galil Folding Stock W/Cheek Rest


  • Converts your AK OEM stock to Complete original GALIL skeleton folding stock.
  • Manufactured to fit AK stamped receiver.
  • Hardened steel mill spec folding mechanism that would last the most brutal abuse.
  • Hybrid skeleton stock made from 6061 aluminum over molded with high composite glass filed polymer and 0.8" thick rubber butt plate.
  • Enable trigger pull in folded position.
  • Quick stock deployment.
  • Folds to the right side.
  • Ideal for use in confined spaces duo to it size when folded, and close-quarter confrontations duo to massive strength and ability to use gun as a baton.
  • The toughest folding stock ever!    


AK47 Galil Folding Stock W/Cheek Rest
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  • Item #: GAK
  • Manufacturer: IMI/IWI
  • Condition: New
Price $250.95
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