Command Arms Galil, Golani & FAL Cheek Rest FALC

This items has been discontinued by Command Arms, have a few in stock.     



  • Cheek piece for the Galil & FAL provides comfortable cheek weld.
  • Fits Preban Galil/Golani Stock.
  • Allows quicker target acquisition and easier sight alignment.
  • Easily tightens onto tubular stock with Allen head screws.
  • Does not include Tubular Stock.
  • Provides comfortable cheek weld
  • Quicker target acquisition and more accurate shot placement
  • Does not include Tubular Stock
Command Arms Galil/Golani & FAL Cheek Rest FALC
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  • Item #: FALC
  • Manufacturer: CAA Gear Up Command Arms
  • Condition: New
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