FAB Defense KPOS For Glock 17/19 Pistol to Carbine Conv

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  • Fits all Glock 9mm and .40 caliber full and compact size handguns with the Glock rail.
  • Very compact in size, Smaller than a mini-Uzi.
  • Includes: five-point ergonomic weapon grip.
  • One-point tactical sling adapter.
  • Fold-to-the side compact butt stock with rubber butt pad.
  • Innovative patented design which locks the gun to the frame in both the front and back, making it a rock-solid system.
  • Allows: use of the original iron sight. Note: flip or red-dot sight not required.
  • Mounting of a foregrip, flashlight, optics, laser and/or iron sight. Mounting a silencer on the barrel.
  • Quick and easy installation with no tooling required.
  • Includes a  removable Muzzle Break Extension.
  • Comes with it own storage case.
  • Includes a  Sling.
  • 21 3/4 long w/stock extended & 13 1/2 inches long w/stock folded.



Glock, scope, flashlight mount and flashlight not included.


If you own a Glock handgun, and you are about to buy this product, your handgun will become a Short-Barreled Rifle, unless you add a 16 inch barrel.
You must register your weapon with the ATF.

This is illegal to add on to a Glock with out filling the proper paper work with the ATF for Short Barreled Rifle (SBR).



FAB Defense KPOS Glock 17/19 Pistol to Carbine Conversion (PDW)
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  • Item #: KPOS17/19
  • Manufacturer: FAB Defense/Mako
  • Condition: New
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