Fab Defense Mako KPOS Gen2 For Glock Models 17,19,22,23

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    • Sleek Design Easy to Conceal a Must for Undercover Units and Personnel
    • Charging-Similar to AR15 Style Handle Making it Ambidextrous and Simple
    • Charging/Cocking Mechanism is Built into the Frame
    • No Need of Special Assembly or Handgun Modification Whatsoever
    • Quick Installation
    • Assembly Does Not Require Laying Down on a Table, May Assemble in Hands, Free Standing
    • Folding Stock Easily Adjusts- Angled and Height Adjustable to Allow Perfect fit for Mounted Sights
    • Foldable Feature Incorporates a Rubber Butt Pad
    • Full Length Upper Rail
    • Side Rails are One Piece with the Lower Rail and Cannot be Removed, Making it More Solid and Accurate
    • Back Holding Plate (spring box) Can Not Be Removed from the Frame (prevents loss)
    • Front Flash Hider is Removable for Silencer/Suppressor- Assembles with Only One Bolt
    • Lighter Weight Compared to any Competitor
    • Big Enough Frame to Receive Glock 18 and other Longer Competitive Shooting Versions (except 17L and 24C)
    • Frame Still the Smallest Compared to Any Competitors Folded or Open
    • Ventilated frame provides appropriate heat dissipation and Works Well with the Glock 'C' Models Compatibility:
      • The K.P.O.S. G2 Chassis will be Initially Compatible for the Following Handgun Models;
      • The Glock Series (including the Glock 18, Glock 'C' and 'Gen 4' Glock Models), the FN 5.7 and more to come. additional model compatibility information will soon be released.


Glock, scope, flashlight mount and flashlight not included.


If you own a Glock handgun, and you are about to buy this product, your handgun will become a Short-Barreled Rifle, unless you add a 16 inch barrel.
You must register your weapon with the ATF.

This is illegal to add on to a Glock with out filling the proper paper work with the ATF for Short Barreled Rifle (SBR).

Mako Fab Defense Glock KPOS Gen 2
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  • Item #: KPOSG217
  • Manufacturer: FAB Defense/Mako
  • Condition: New
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