Mossberg M4 Folding & Collapsible Butt Stock

  •  Rock solid one piece ergonomic design.
  •  Non slip special texturing.
  • Made from composite materials.
  •  Natural Fighting stance hold on your shotgun - Slightly angled to counter recoil.
  • Improved performance in reaction, on target time and muzzle control during fire.
  •  No gunsmith is required.
  • Has storage compartment for batteries, cleaning kit...


  • Tough and robust design.
  •  M4 style aluminum buffer tube and our famous GLR-16 butt stock.


  •  Tough and robust design.
  • Push button to release locking when open.
  • Spring lock on folded position, pull to open and lock from folded position.
  • Can be mounted to fold left side or right side.

When stock is folded to the right, ejected shells will not clear the stock.

Please let me know which way you want your stock to folds when ordering, factory setting is to the left.

Mossberg M4 Folding & Collapsible Butt Stock
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  • Item #: AGMF500-FK
  • Condition: New
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